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1. Protection and Guarding objectives, goods and valueables.

      Guarding and protection assured by well trained, experienced and qualified agents, according to the the current legislation. Security agents are equipped with: uniform (se accordingly to the season), rubber cane or a tonfa, tear gas, whistle, flashlight, portable walkie-talkie.

2. Valuable transport and bodyguard services

      Live Vision assures the valuable transport and bodyguard services, with certified vehicles, accompanied by armed agents (with different categories of weapons).

Valuable transport vehicles:

3. Monitoring dispatcher and ultra-fast intervention squad

      Monitoring services are run by surveiling objectives through radio technology. Ultra-fast Live Vision squad acts for the reestablishment of the initial state.

4. Alarm systems designing, installing and maintainance.

      Live Vision Technical Crew designs, install and offers maintainance for the latest generation of alarm and rapid intervention systems.

5. Video surveillance deisgning, installing and maintainance.

      Live Vision Technical Crew designs, installs and offers maintainance for modern video surveillance systems.

6. GSM video surveillance of long distance objectives.

      We implement video surveillance solutions for:

  • Objectives located in places without cable internet;
  • Areas that lack electrical plugging (solar panel source or hibrid sources - solar and wind);
  • Moving objectives (value transport vehicles, trucks etc).

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